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An Invitation to Cowboy Singers, Poets  Entertainers and Enthusiasts to participate in...
   The Fourth Annual
         "Keepin' It Cowboy"
      Call-in Christmas Show.
Date: Saturday, December 21, 2002
Time: Noon to 2pm 
Call to get on the schedule : 1-800-485-5959 my office
Call on weekends: 1-580-515-4710

To enable me to set up the program schedule, please e-mail me at johargrave@tds.net or call and let me know that you are interested in being a part of the program and to schedule a time for your call.  Poets are requested to do a Christmas or Inspirational poem.  Singers, please call in and tell our listeners Happy Holidays, and I will play a selection from your CD or tape.  If I don't have one, get one in the mail to me asap at Jo Hargrave, Rt 1 Box 144, Cyril, OK 73029.

If you are unable to call the day of the program, please call 1-800-485-5959 to pre-tape your poem or song or greeting.  

In addition to call-ins, I will have several "live" Surprise Guests and we will be taking calls for several give-aways.

If you would like to donate merchandise to give away on the Christmas program, call or send it to the address below.


Get in touch with me as soon as possible and get your  name on the schedule for the
Fourth Annual "Keepin' It Cowboy" Call-in Christmas Show.
 CMT will be filming our show!

Jo Hargrave
KJON Radio
"Keepin' It Cowboy"
Rt 1, Box 144
Cyril, Ok  73029
1-580-464-2193 office
1-800-485-5959 office
1-580-515-4710 saddle


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