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Leroy Jones

  Leroy Jones


Leroy Jones, Cowboy singer/songwriter
from  Mountain View, Ok

About LeRoy Jones......
He was born to Ralph and Juanita (Simpson) Jones, whose parents had come to Oklahoma Territory about the turn of the century, Milam and Elizabeth Jones from Arkansas in 1899, Henry Simpson from Tennessee in 1901, and his wife-to-be Lauretta Owen from Texas two years later. After graduating from Oklahoma's Cowden High School in 1949, He entered into the family's farming and ranching operations until entering the U. S. Army in mid January 1953 for a two year "hitch." He then returned home to once again take up those pursuits. He took on a "partner for life" when on June 26, 1955 he married Sandra Joy Miller, who "is also my best friend and greatest encourager".

A few years ago, after hearing two Cowboy Poets recite on The Johnny Carson Show, He started writing some of his own, memorizing them and those written by others, and reciting them where he could find anyone who would listen.
In 1997, he was nominated by the Academy of Western Artists for their Will Rogers award and was a finalist in the Male Cowboy Poetry catagory. In 2000 he was inducted into the Washita County Hall of Fame. With less time spent in the operation of a farm and ranch, and by playing golf only often enough to keep him humble, he is able to spend more time in activities such as this, and as an Artist in Residence with the State Arts Council of Oklahoma. He works in the Elderhostel programs of Oklahoma University and Oklahoma State University as an instructor/performer. He also does the work of an elder in the Mountain View Church of Christ, where he hasbeen a song leader and Bible Class teacher for over forty-five years. When the town of Mountain View, Oklahoma observed its Centennial Celebration in 1999 and published a book of their history, he was appointed editor of the book, Mountain View, The First 100 Years. He also writes for two local weekly newspapers an article entitled "Look Back, Look West" in which he contributes historical stories.

He has recited for the: Cowboy Poetry Gathering at Elko, Nevada; Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering at Lewistown, Montana; Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering at Prescott, Arizona; Nebraska Cowboy Poetry Gathering at Valentine, Nebraska; Oklahoma Cowboy Poetry Gathering (Cowboy Hall of Fame Gathering) at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; National Cowboy Symposium and Celebration at Lubbock, Texas; New Mexico Cowboy Poetry Gathering at Silver City, New Mexico; Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering at Durango, Colorado; along with other gatherings, and many other times for celebrations and for civic clubs, women's clubs, schools and radio programs locally. LeRoy Jones' poetry is included in Humorous Cowboy Poetry, A Knee Slappin' Gathering, edited by Dawn Valentine Hadlock and Madge Baird, Gibbs Smith, Layton, Utah, 1995.

In addition to his cd, Songs of the Prairie, he has published a book of poetry and songs called Horsesense and Nonsense and has made two audiocassette   tapes of poetry and music.

 Excerpt from "My Dad's Old Hat" .....
 When we would have a burying in our country way back then
 The neighbors met and dug the grave, then stayed to fill it in.
 He'd wait until the fam'ly left, then hand my mom his hat
 And work till they were finished, you could bet your boots on that.

 Then breaking up my reverie and jolting me to life
 The door came bursting open to admit my sis and wife.
 "We're just about to finish up," My sis said with a grin.
 "We've got about the biggest pile of junk there's ever been.

 "I see you found Dad's old felt hat, just throw it on the pile."
 And I said, "No, I reckon I'll just keep it for a while
 And take it home and hang it out for everyone to see.
 Reminds me of the kind of man that I still try to be."
 © 1995, LeRoy Jones

Leroy Jones-Songs of the Prairie
 Songs of the Prairie

Soo, Bossy, Soo, traditional
Hot Ir'n, words by S. Omar Barker, music by LeRoy Jones
Roundup in the Spring, words and music by Carl Copeland and Jack Williams
Lorena, H. D. L. Webster
The Strawberry Roan, Curley Fletcher
'Longside of the Santa Fe Trail, James Grafton Rogers
Cowboy Jack, traditional
The Sierry Petes (or Tying Knots in the Devil's Tail), Gail Gardner
I Ride an Old Paint, traditional
The Cowboy's Lament (Streets of Laredo), Francis Maynard
Red River Valley, traditional
Spanish is the Loving Tongue, Charles Badger Clark
The Tenderfoot, D. J. O'Malley
Adios, S. Omar Barker
Come the Fall, LeRoy Jones
We Sung Them to Sleep, LeRoy Jones
The Land of the Kiowas, LeRoy Jones
(included is a booklet with all lyrics)

LeRoy Jones - Vocals, Harmonica, Rhythm Guitar
Frankie McWhorter - Fiddle
Paul Shields - Recording Engineer, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard

Available in Cd only.

I am proud to call Leroy and Sandra friends and this
cd is a "must have" for any good collection of
Cowboy Music.  Add it to yours today
...Jo Hargrave

Cds - $15 Cassettes $10
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